About Us


Bagels Plus is a breakfast and lunch shop specializing, of course, in bagels. Located just a few minutes from the center of North Conway, Bagels Plus is a fun, family-friendly place to grab a tasty and filling lunch, get breakfast for your whole office, or just enjoy a good, hot cup of coffee. We have WiFi, bagel-themed board games (including the infamous Bagel Hook!), and more!

We’re still working on the new website, so there’s no long biography of Frank and Carol-Ann, the fearless team behind the best bagel shop in the valley, but here are a few facts:

  1. Carol-Ann taught martial arts for years before picking up the bagel biz.
  2. Frank is an avid rock climber, a ski instructor, and the best baker in business.
  3. Frank and Carol-Ann, dissatisfied with the amount of ice climbing available in Connecticut, once used a hose, some webbing, two big trees, and some ingenuity to make their own little frozen waterfall.
  4. Carol-Ann once bare-fist wrestled a bear. (This fact is not true.)